Ilonka Jankovich

Venture Partner Randstad Innovation Fund en Founder Taptrove Ventures

Ilonka Jankovich is a serial entrepreneur and investor. She built two marketleader companies in the HR space and sold them to Monster and Randstad. 


Six years ago, she became an investor in the Worktech space. She started the corporate venture fund for Randstad.  Randstad Innovation Fund has made 20 investments in the Worktech space in Europe and theUS of which 6 exited already. She is on the Board of several Worktech companies and on the Board of Exact, a large Saas fin tech player owned by KKR. 


Recently she founded with Paul Jacquin and Florian Chilla,Taptrove Ventures, an independent venture fund. Taptrove Ventures will back data-driven ventures that revolutionize the workplace. It will invest in Worktech startups that provide solutions to enable a distributed workforce and improve professional journeys.


Ilonka is very passionate about supporting startups their full potential by looking at blue oceans and handling setbacks. The goal is to have positive impact on the way people work.


Ilonka is on the Investment Committee of the Challenge for Youth Fund with the goal to get 200.000 young men and women in Africa to work.


Her writer husband and three millennial sons are a source of inspiration and joy. In her free time, she likes horse riding. Something which requires similar skills as investing!


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