Gregor Gimmy

Co-Founder and Managing Director of 27pilots

Gregor Gimmy is Co-Founder and Managing Director of 27pilots and in that position responsible for strategy and growth.

Gimmy helps companies understand the value of the Venture Client model and integrate it into existing business models and processes. As one of the inventors of the Venture Client model, Gimmy regards himself as an ambassador of the novel approach and is strongly committed to its promotion through publications, research and lectures at business schools throughout Europe.

Gimmy is Executive in Residence for the Swiss IMD Business School and is also an author and guest lecturer at INSEAD Business School in France. He conducts his research on Venture Clienting at the University of Passau, where he also led the first academic publication on the Venture Client model, which was published in the Harvard Business Review in 2017. Gimmy is a regular and sought-after speaker at startup-related conferences such as Slush, Websummit, 4YFN and DLD.

Together with co-founders Ana Carolina Alex, Matthias Meyer and Maximilian Marquart, he built and managed the first Venture Client unit ever at BMW Group in 2015 - the BMW Startup Garage - to make the integration of startup solutions within the enterprise scalable. Before joining BMW, he founded several VC-financed companies in Silicon Valley and Europe. Early in his career, Gimmy worked for Roland Berger and IDEO (PaloAlto), where he was involved in the development of a new innovation model, now known as Design Thinking.

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